Understanding Business Goals and How Data Can Support Them

Stillae specialise in the integration of data from all functions of your organisation to increase your profitability. Understanding connections between functions and aligning them around ‘one version of the truth’ is our competence.

We view your commercial and operational contexts as critical, along with the lenses through which your different stakeholders view these. We make that context central to our work, as we know it will be critical to the success of your initiatives and interventions.

We choose to focus on a small set of clients where we can demonstrate value. Our promise is that you will deal directly with a highly experienced data expert who can hold their own at senior executive level, think creatively and be pragmatic and commercial in their approach.

We often begin by addressing one small area of your business where the issue or opportunity is clearest. Work starts from a deep understanding of data within your specific context and solutions derived are different each time. Where data is imperfect, we can help plan and prioritise data collection improvements for the future.

Business Intelligence Audit to Support First 100 Days

Stillae ensure your data is put to good use, drawing out concrete value

Our agile, pragmatic, evidence-based approach ensures effective and fit-for-purpose applications