Predictability Increases Engagement and Profitability

Klos Training has been successfully developing the communication and management skills of multinational companies in Poland for 15 years. Management decided to test and validate the business strategy by anchoring it in data analysis, with an emphasis on financial data.

The integrated analysis covered revenue, operational costs, personnel and licensing, client portfolio and product profitability. The findings confirmed prior intuitions but challenged assumptions regarding profitability per product and efficiency of the delivery model. The visualisation of financial data uncovered high fluctuations and therefore difficulties in predicting growth and planning accordingly.

“Stillae helped us create a business model tailored exactly to our operations–with all its quirks and hiccups. As a non-financial person, I was surprised at how they took the pain out of financial analysis and planning. Using our existing data, sometimes faulty and not always complete, they showed us new angles of our business activities and how to operate more efficiently. They formatted their analyses in easy-to-read reports and advised us on the practical applications including new opportunities to grow our business. This clarified the direction we need to take in the short and long term,” says Laura Klos Sokol, the owner of the business.

The re-organisation of account management resources and a new compensation scheme for trainers stabilised growth and increased operational margins. Higher projected profitability allowed the implementation of a profit sharing scheme which increased the engagement of staff and aligned efforts for the continuous growth of the business.

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