We support organisations applying an Evidence-Based HR approach. We find that HR efforts often have well-deserved ‘heart & mind’ buy-in …our expertise is in maximising the rational buy-in from non-HR stakeholders, by focusing on the tangible business benefits. We do this by evaluating the effectiveness of current programmes from a commercial perspective, identifying what is working well and quantifying the potential gains which improvements could bring. We help HR leaders build solid business cases for new approaches, changes or further investment and demonstrate Return On Investment for people-based interventions. See example: Quantifying the Value of Employee Engagement Typical period for project completion: 4-6 weeks Typical billable time: 5-7 days

DATE : May 2, 2018

Stillae ensure your data is put to good use, drawing out concrete value

Our agile, pragmatic, evidence-based approach ensures effective and fit-for-purpose applications