Business Intelligence Audit to Support First 100 Days

Stillae services are used successfully by executives in the first 100 days of a new appointment, to quickly take stock of existing data gaps and opportunities. We provide an objective review of the current state of Business Intelligence, encompassing data coverage & quality but also its current usage.

Typical work effort required: 4-5 days


Typical Steps:
1. We discuss your priorities and challenges, both ‘inherited’ and new, and begin mapping key elements of Business Intelligence such as stakeholders, data sources and quality, and the extent to which this is put to use in both strategic decisions and day-to-day management

2. We produce a summary of the current state of Business Intelligence, covering gaps and quality of knowledge, the extent to which its use is optimized, and identifying opportunities to add value

3. We discuss our findings with you and jointly refine the final output, to include prioritized action points and possible next steps (with associated pros & cons and estimates of potential value)

Stillae ensure your data is put to good use, drawing out concrete value

Our agile, pragmatic, evidence-based approach ensures effective and fit-for-purpose applications