Taking Stock Harness value from existing data Identify quantifications New feedback loops Knowledge
  • Identify current organisational issues that need data support for decision quality
  • Identify main stakeholders and requirement for alignment around the decision
  • Identify points of contention among stakeholders
  • What data exists
  • Locations
  • Owners
  • Purpose
  • How data is connected
  • How data is used
  • What knowledge is drawn from data
  • Identify missing, duplicated & sub-optimal data
  • Confirm data knowledge
  • Correct data misconceptions
  • Identify how else data could be used
  • Optimise feedback control
  • Rationalise data collection
  • Eliminate duplication
  • Reduce non-value-add data
  • Add or improve value-add data
  • Add to knowledge bank
  • Integrate data usage into strategic and operational processes
  • Transfer knowledge internally to build capability

Stillae ensure your data is put to good use, drawing out concrete value

Our agile, pragmatic, evidence-based approach ensures effective and fit-for-purpose applications