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Stillae draws on the skills and expertise of a hand-picked group of consultants with specific experience in the field of consultancy, data mining and integration in order to offer a comprehensive solution to the real challenges of its clients.
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James Court-Smith

Director +

James Court-Smith



Serban Alexandru Popescu

Senior Consultant +

Serban Alexandru Popescu

Senior Consultant

Why Choose Us?

James Court-Smith

James leads Stillae using his expertise in helping companies make sense of the data they collect, and put it to profitable use, across multiple industries in Europe. For several years prior to founding Stillae, James was European Head of Gallup’s Employee Engagement Practice, where he led consulting activities with client executive teams.

He has conducted complex ROI studies, linking employee, financial and customer data at store- & branch- level across large retail & banking estates, in order to quantify the value of a wide range of corporate interventions. These ranged from staff engagement and customer loyalty programmes, through sales incentive schemes and direct marketing, to store format trials and staff training programmes. He has provided modelling and projections which have been critical in supporting the executive team’s decisions on premium and core mass market propositions.

James contributed to the original MacLeod Review of Employee Engagement in 2009 and has been Senior Advisor to the Engage For Success taskforce since 2011. He contributed to the The Evidence report published in November 2012, having completed the featured Marks & Spencer longitudinal case study earlier this year.

Serban Alexandru Popescu

Serban is an outstanding data-based consultant, skilled at drawing insights and meaning from qualitative and quantitative data, with particular strengths in the marketing and customer area. Serban makes the most of data for his clients by developing clear business models in complex situations, helping to promote innovative thinking for executives.

Prior to joining Stillae, Serban gained experience in market research and data analysis consultancy over 12 years with Gallup. As a Strategic Consultant he provided value-added insights to clients across Europe, helping them to understand what project findings meant to their business, and to evaluate their options in light of this. His projects included product testing (including service offerings), brand awareness and advertising effectiveness, customer profiling and segmentation, driver analysis and price sensitivity studies. He has worked across industries with an emphasis on IT, Telecoms (fixed & mobile), Retail, Banking and FMCG

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